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Solve everyday business challenges

Create workflow and process management apps with ease. Grid adapts to your people and processes and now the other way around.

Create business applications that scale,
without the need for complex codes

Core components of software brought together on a single platform.
The worksheet builder allows you to create databases that interact with your business. With multiple basic and advanced column types, this section creates sheets that translate to form based apps on a mobile device. You can also link worksheets to each other, define filtering parameters and perform other advanced tasks and process automation here.
Moving to centralized applications is only half the problem solved. The analytics engine allows you to solve the other half of operational problems with easy to build reports and graphs that represent your efficiency on a single screen. It is highly customizable and also comes with querying engine for power users.
This is where the magic happens! The control centre allows you to personalize your worksheets to the user and field levels. Your workforce needs decluttered workspaces and this is where you can achieve it. You can give access to workspaces, worksheets and even columns to create a highly personalized seamless experience for your users.
Add, edit, delete and view fields using the data management section of Grid. A seamless interface that allows you to manage data both as a sheet on the web and a simple form on the mobile app. Advanced features such as filters and excel/sheets integration allow you to work in a easy and simple way.
The biggest advantage of moving to a centralized platform is faster and easier information flow. Grid’s notification engine takes this to the next level by allowing you to set up automated alerts and notification based on certain actions that are taken on the worksheets. Alerts and notifications especially comes in handy when you want to create seamless workflows for your people to get their daily tasks done efficiently.
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Multiple business processes, single platform

An average enterprise manages over 12 processes on Grid


Inventory Management

Conduct workshops and labs to align on identifying potential problems


Production tracking

Understand your current processes to arrive at possible solutions


Consumer Surveys

Design problem-specific solutions using our platform and integrations


Project Tracking

Deploy scalable products and train your team to adapt to the change


Process Management

Continuously upgrade systems to keep up with the latest trends

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