Advantages of Using No-code Development Platform for your Business

posted by Zoya Seth on 13 November 2018

Imagine living a day without technology.

Hard, right?

The need for rapid growth across all fronts continues to place it as a building block for everything. This can be viewed by the rise of educational courses about growth hacks, automation tools, management, time allotment, etc.

With the daily demand on IT increasing, the workload on professionals is bound to see a rise. Is there a way to manage this demand-supply curve or just play poker over opportunity costs?

What if there was a way to use IT’s infinite power to create tools or platforms to act as divine assisters for our work; platforms which could add immense value to our daily lives and businesses, without writing a single piece of code?

That’s exactly how no-code development platforms have been helping individuals and businesses make their needs come true, and quickly.

With the ‘rapid’ world change, it is but essential to work smarter by employing digital tools to smoothen one’s task, data, and management flow.

How is it done?

Built on the software approach called RAD (Rapid Application Development); the no-code development uses a visual platform in place of a coding language.

Great for tech-savvy people managing diverse teams, along with its rapid inception come benefits that cannot be ignored.

All of this is done without the need for an intensive meet with developers who give you a 6-month period to build a platform.

And the best part? You get to act as a team from the beginning till the end.

To shed more light on the no-code platform’s approach, the teams which work on such projects are smaller and are a mix of developers, domain experts, customer representatives, and other IT stakeholders who brainstorm on the functionalities needed out of a platform.

For e.g.: A manager of a diverse and remotely located team needing to check into the performance graph of his team members, he lets the developer know of his needs and this list of requirements leads to the making of various prototypes which are discarded or chosen and are then made into a fully functional model.

With the main driver being ongoing teamwork, no-code is a rapid and user-friendly software platform built for and from the user.

What are the steps involved?

Step 1: The user lets the creator know of his/her expectations which help in building prototypes

Advantage: Components of the platform are fixed according to user’s requirement

Step 2: A quick design is made to show the look and feel of the platform

Advantage: Minimises the need for recurring changes in the future

Step 3: Functionality is added, post which user feedback is taken

Advantage: The feedback helps in building the platform in the right direction

Step 4: Changes are done until the user is satisfied

Advantage: The platform is not launched or tested until everything is approved by the user, which once again reduces the risk of developing something which is not liked in the end

Step 5: Testing, implementation, deployment, and maintenance

Advantage: Due to its rapid development nature, changes can be done quickly based on new user requirements and is comparatively less time-consuming than traditional methods of software development

What are its greatest benefits?

·         Organised and productive workspaces- Great for teams of varied sizes, the no-code platform helps in developing tools to make the work environment more organized and productive

·         Solutions for day to day problems- No-code platforms typically allow business users with no coding skills to solve their own problems and optimize day-to-day operations

·         High team involvement- With the involvement of all the stakeholders from Day 1, the final product is planned together, reducing chances of building an irrelevant platform

·         User feedback is the priority- Changes are made on the basis of user requirements and does not go live till they are fixed

·         Development time is extremely low– This helps in adjusting the IT supply curve by getting as many demands fulfilled

Now that you know most of the advantages of no-code platforms, how about improving your team’s growth by getting in touch with a professional to know about all the benefits waiting in store for you?

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