Manage Your Multi-Brand Retail Store in 4 Simple Ways

posted by Zoya Seth on 13 November 2018

The Indian retail market has been an eye-candy for nations across the world. We are blessed with a heavy influx of shoppers with high spending power, which comes along with high competition every year.

If you are a manager or an owner of a multi-retail business, steps like stock purchase, movement, inventory, selling and more can clutter your mind. Also, there are times when salespersons can misbehave, argue and worse avoid paying attention to a consumer which can drive customers out of the door and in turn, make your brand lose its value and prospective sale.

Distributing multiple brands under one roof is no easy task and comes with its set of hurdles. Also, nowadays shoppers are keen on identifying retail stores free from shopping problems. Their pleasure regarding the selection of a retail store is dependent on many things, which is brought to life with your essential input. 

To manage all of this and more, we have a template to add seamlessness to your retail store’s operations. Here we have a mini list of the benefits it can add to your life.

Record Footfall and Track Conversions 

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This is a great way to track your store’s growth rate.

Imagine having fives sales workers on one floor; know who did better each day by assigning a sales consultant manager to record conversions by each employee. This helps in framing an honest incentive structure for better work culture and setting of achievable goals and objectives, and most importantly happy customers.

The Holy Grail of Customer Feedback forms 

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Customer feedback forms are necessary to know how your customers view your store. Learn from all the customers who visit your store by designing a feedback questionnaire with emphasis on various parameters. This also helps in acting on a real-time basis in case of a pressing issue.

Handle returned goods with care

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Many times returned items don’t get the attention they deserve. This lack makes stores lose a lot of money. Use this tool to manage returned stock through barcode and credit note tracking.

A team member can be assigned to enter the barcode with necessary details like the warehouse where it’s stored, the showroom with the returned good, the reason for the return, etc. This helps in knowing the opportunity cost of the good which has been returned, with further processes ready for initiation.

Also, the addition of marking the GRC against every docket number once the transporter picks up the returned goods helps in making the product come a full circle back to the supplier with systematic tracking of the sale missed and its credit value. 

This entire process is already drafted as a worksheet in the tool (with the GRID team within your reach for required changes)

Manage Lorry Receipts for Better tracking

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Discover the power of organization with bale wise entry of goods through Lorry Receipts and invoice numbers. A unique number can be given to each bale making it a unique identity. Entering the bill details with all the required information helps everyone stay in the loop with no scope of missing out.

The material receiving number can help in tracking payments after receiving the goods and help in building an end-to-end tracking mechanism for in-store material, all the while decreasing the opportunity cost of inventory pile-up.

Build a Courier and Document repository 

Use GRID to create a repository of all documents and couriers received at the store and generate an ID for a structured database, with real-time reports of all documents.

Manage store asset’s like a pro

GRID helps you give an ID to every store’s asset.

You can build two columns: one of receiving and one of issuing an out-pass whenever an asset is sent out for repair. This helps everyone be on the same page for the required follow-ups.

You can even add the asset’s age for foolproof tracking by old and new employees and can also set-up repair and maintenance reminders for preventing unwanted breakdowns.

Get all of this into action by scheduling a quick call with our GRID team and begin making your retail operations more than sorted.

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